Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If chronic fatigue syndrome is somehow attached to your collar, you should take immediate action and start fighting.Because QMS stole from your quality of life, limits your individual, social, professional and spiritual functions and retards your cognitive abilities. (If you want to know what is chronic fatigue syndrome in more detail, you can read the article called What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ).

This syndrome, whose cause is unknown, is very difficult to diagnose and can be seen in everyone. However, it mostly affects women between the ages of 20-40.

While modern life is exhausting enough and there are so many points to fight, our energy is always expected to be at the highest level. On top of this, living in a QMS and not being able to find the strength to sustain our daily activities, and therefore also a psychological wear can be quite challenging. Therefore, it may be comforting to know that you can do to fight chronic fatigue syndrome.

Among the recommended treatments in QMS are;

  • With sleep therapy, it is aimed to make sleep regular and to improve sleep quality.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) provides psychological and social support. This treatment is especially good in young people.
  • With mild exercise therapy, daily activity is increased and fatigue symptoms are reduced.
  • Dietary restriction can be made as a further treatment by the doctor.
  • Meditation can be beneficial.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements can be taken.

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