Eyebrow Picking Techniques

kaş alma teknikleri iple kaş alma
eyebrow picking techniques with rope eyebrow


Our eyebrows are the most important place to express our face. Our eyebrows are silent players who express us as if they are angry, sad, happy or angry. Because our eyebrows directly affect our gaze and facial expression, care must be taken when taking or removing eyebrows. Eyebrows taken with the wrong technique change your facial expression. Therefore, we will share with you the most accurate and practical information about eyebrow techniques .


Getting eyebrows at home may seem very difficult at first. But it is quite practical, easy and economical to get eyebrows at home. Just be sure to apply the eyebrow techniques correctly and don’t be afraid to make a few attempts. After a few applications, your hand will get used to it and it will be much simpler for you.


The materials used in eyebrow purchase:


Getting eyebrows; waxing eyebrows , rope eyebrows , tweezers eyebrows There are three different types. It is strongly recommended that you choose the one that suits you best when making your selection here. Because when you take your eyebrows which material you will use depends on the structure of the eyebrow hair and the shape of the eyebrow.


Eyebrow Rope


iple kaş alma
Rope eyebrowing

For the eyebrow rope method, first face a lighted mirror. Because you can see even the smallest hairs in a well-lit environment. Then, make a thin rope around the fingers of both hands and take the shape of the eight lying on its side. Then you can start to get your eyebrows by moving your fingers up and down by slightly opening and closing. To avoid making mistakes at first, avoid making very irreversible movements and proceed patiently step by step.


Eyebrows With Tweezers


cımbız ile kaş alma
tweezing with eyebrows

Eyebrows are usually used with tweezers. Because tweezers are one of the most reliable eyebrow removal methods , although they are longer and tiring than other methods. When picking up eyebrows, thin tip tweezers are used to pick up fine hairs and to catch full-grown hairs. If you have eyebrows that come from different directions, the versatile control can be achieved by using the curved tip tweezers.


If your bristle structure is thick and you need to take several bristles at the same time, use straight tip tweezers


You should start the eyebrows after combing your eyebrows upwards. Gently and carefully cut the longer hairs than the others. In this way, the hairs that need to be removed will be revealed more clearly.


Eyebrowing with Waxing


ağda ile kaş alma
waxing with waxing

waxing with waxing; Of course, the most painful method of eyebrows. However, the hair pulling effect is the highest. After shortening the length of eyebrows, the first thing to do before waxing is to determine the starting and ending point of the eyebrows with a pencil. Otherwise, you may break your eyebrow shape. Therefore waxing with waxing method is important to pay attention to the waxing without carrying and carefully. The fact that your wax is not too hot or cold is another requirement for effective eyebrows. You should pull the waxing cloth quickly and clearly at one time, as opposed to the direction of hair growth. Thus, you will see that the area you are in the network is cleared of the hairs at once. Don’t forget to apply oil to your eyebrows after waxing.


The Tips of Eyebrow German


An important point to take into consideration when buying eyebrows is to avoid the top of your eyebrows. You can multiply the hairs here and cause their structures to thicken. We recommend that you get these areas with eyebrow wax or rope with the help of a specialist. Use tweezers only to shape the bottom of the eyebrows.


When picking an eyebrow, scan your eyebrows to determine the line of the eyebrows. You can use a toothbrush, eyebrow brush or an old mascara brush. Then take a pen. When you place the pen at the starting point of your eyebrow, determine the end point of your eyebrow in parallel extension. Then support your eyebrows with a brush and cut out your overflowing hair with a pair of scissors and shorten their length. Now you can start shaping your eyebrows with tweezers.


Use the eyeliner to determine the starting point of the eyebrow. Bring the eyeliner to the tip of the nose. The end of the pen should be the beginning of your eyebrows. Now you can draw the shape of your eyebrows with the help of a pair of tweezers.


When picking up your eyebrows, always take the eyebrow hairs in the direction of exit and always one by one. Do not leave spaces between them.


Note that there is a thick eyebrow fashion lately. Avoid getting thin eyebrows. After cutting your eyebrows, take the hairs that are scattered and keep your eyebrow shape.


Remember, an impressive look depends on the emphasis of your eyebrows.



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