Exercise Advice for Desk Employees

The modern lifestyle makes many of us more and more immobile. This is a great change because our body is a system based on moving; diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

But it’s not as bad as you think. If you motivate yourself, you can find a way to move in any environment. For example, using a ladder instead of an elevator, parking the car away or walking down and down a stop before public transport, moving in the office are the easiest exercises you can do without disrupting your daily life.

In addition, you can do some relaxation and stretching movements for the tension-pain that occurs in your muscles, joints and spine from working long hours at a desk.

These simple exercises will help prevent posture disorders and improve the health of your musculoskeletal system.

Before you make gestures, pay attention to these:

  • Stretching exercises should be done gently without much difficulty. Stretches 5-20 sec. should be, then the muscles should be relaxed
  • During stretching, breathing should be slow, deep and rhythmic.


  • Try to keep your head and body upright during the day.
  • Try to maintain the normal curvature of your waist while sitting and standing, with the abdominal muscles contracting.
  • When leaning forward, lean on your hips, not on the waist.
  • Use lumbar support chairs.
  • Avoid fast movements, especially fast-turning.
  • Avoid being stationary for a long time.
  • Change your sitting position frequently, stand up.
  • Do not rotate with your waist.
  • Provide periodic intervals between work.

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