Does the vagina have a fixed depth?

vagina is not an organ with a fixed size and anchor like penis. in ideal conditions, the average depth (length) between 7.5 and 10 cm in the absence of intercourse or sexual excitement. however, almost every woman’s vagina during intercourse can easily reach a depth of 18-20 CM, even more.

you must have noticed something here; a 10-to 12-cm-long cock is enough to fill an ordinary woman’s entire vagina. 20 cm doing the same thing, no difference.

we said the depth of the vagina. but what’s the diameter?

the vagina has no ideal diameter. an ordinary young girl’s vagina can easily stretch and expand from 3 cm to 8 cm.

this does not cause discomfort or extra pleasure to the woman, regardless of the penis diameter of the partner, unless it is “dryness”. why? because under all circumstances, the vagina has a tight grip on the penis.

now, you will have questions about how this organ can be so flexible, let us answer it; if it wasn’t so flexible, How would that huge human head come out of there?

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