Damages of Hookah, Does Hookah Cancer

nargilenin zararları, nargile kanser yapar mı
harms of the hookah, the hookah makes cancer

What is the water pipe


Although the hookah , which has an important place in our culture since the Ottoman period , is known to be less harmful than cigarettes, this is not a well known fact. Today, although not much use in the past, especially in cafes smoking a hookah is a situation we often come across. The hidden danger in the negotiation, serious health hazards contain. It should be noted that smoking hookah has as much harm as smoking . Many studies have shown that hookah smokers do not know the damages in hookah.


nargile nedir
What is a hookah

In the past years used as a nargile aroma-free strawberry, mint or gummy aromas. These aroma donors are added to the hookah to make drinking more enjoyable.


How to smoke the hookah


Hookah is a glass bottle containing liquid. However, this bottle can sometimes also be ceramic. The hookah bottle has a special tobacco compartment. Tobacco is added to this chamber and the tobacco is lit here. After a while, the burning tobacco comes into a state where it can be drawn into the smoke. The tobacco chamber in the hookah is in the form of a large bowl and is connected to the water-filled chamber at the bottom. Thus, the smoke from the tobacco passes through the water and cools. This cooled tobacco smoke reaches the person who smokes the hookah through the mouthpiece at the end of a small pipe. Even though the tobacco smoke is cooled through the water and the smoke is diluted, the harmful substances in the smoke are not affected. The person who smokes tobacco is exposed to an intense amount of nicotine, just like cigarettes. In addition, the hookah smoking is long-term. Therefore, as the person breathes more tobacco smoke, the effects are also greater.


The Damages of the Water Pipe


nargilenin zararları
damages of waterpipes

Normal smoking or smoking hookah are quite harmful to the person. Although the water pipe is perceived as harmless in the general population, it is possible to catch the diseases caused by smoking by drinking water pipe. Many of the diseases caused by smoking, such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, lung diseases, are also seen in people who smoke waterpipes for a long time. The harms of smoking a hookah are not only breathing ailments. Let’s take a closer look at the damages of the hookah together, let’s see the disturbances caused by the innocent hookah smoking. The damages of water pipe;


Contains Harmful Chemicals ; Charcoal is used to warm the tobacco prepared while smoking the hookah. Coal contains harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals are mixed with tobacco smoke, creating serious hazards for human health. The harm of inhaling tobacco smoke which is made ready for smoking by heating with coal becomes more dangerous than smoking. Coal, tar, carbon monoxide, such as harmful substances, especially cancer, causing serious discomfort.


Toxic Substances ; As the hookah is smoked for a long time, the harmful substances passing from coal to hookah become more dangerous. Each time you take the hookah, the damage of which will increase as the time passes, causes more harmful substances to be taken into the body than the previous one. Carbon monoxide, which can interact with poison, prepares the ground for the placement of heavy metals in the body.


Cancer Triggers; Tobacco is used when preparing hookahs. Although it is a tobacco other than cigarette tobacco, it also contains harmful substances. Hookah tobacco, which contains many harmful chemicals, increases the risk of mouth, throat and lung cancer.


Heart Diseases; One of the diseases caused by smoking hookah is heart diseases. Exposure to harmful substances such as heavy smoke, tar and carbon monoxide increases the risk of blockage of the arteries. As arterial obstruction will interfere with blood flow to the heart, it is inevitable that heart diseases will occur.


Causes Infectious Diseases ; Hookah is not a single drink. Hookah with modified mouthpiece can be used repeatedly. For this reason, when smoking a hookah, the mouthpiece must be personal. The risk of infectious diseases should be considered if more than one person from the same mouthpiece will smoke a hookah. Using more than one person with the same mouthpiece can cause infectious diseases.


The Risk of Premature Birth ; Smoking or hookah during pregnancy is a serious danger for both mother and baby. Harmful substances in tobacco can cause premature birth and miscarriage, and newborn babies can be born at low weight. The babies born to mothers who smoke cigarettes or hookah during pregnancy increase the risk of lung diseases in the long term.


Heavy Smoke; Smoking waterpipes can harm the person who smokes, as well as those who do not smoke, which is called passive smokers, but who are exposed to smoke because they are present. As the chemicals from coal and tobacco are blown out in the hookah smoke, the passive smoker is exposed to intense smoke. Passive smokers may experience a variety of ailments, especially coughing and breathing problems.


Causes Infection; As much as the preparation of the waterpipe, the issue of cleaning the waterpipe. Hoses of waterpipes used in cafes or bars need to be cleaned periodically. There is a risk of infection if the hookah hose is not cleaned and maintained. The harmful substances in the hose reach the person who smokes the hookah through the smoke and cause infection. Lung infection, fungal or gastric ulcer are some of the diseases caused by this infection.


Will The Hookah Make Cancer


nargile kanser yapar mı
Does hookah cause cancer

The harmful substances contained in tobacco and coal in the water pipe affect the body’s immune system. These substances that damage the cells prepare the ground for cancer formation. If the water pipe is to be smoked outside the cafe, the mouthpiece should be personalized and the hose should be clean. The combination of these harmful substances and dirt in the hookah hose increase the risk of cancer.


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