Clove Oil Benefits, How to Use

karanfil yağı faydaları, nasıl kullanılır
The benefits of clove oil, how to use

What is Clove Oil


One of the healing resources of nature clove oil is one of the care oils used as natural care products in our country and Middle East countries. Clove oil obtained from the clove oil is used in the Far East countries such as China and India for centuries. Clove oil rich in vitamin A and C contains useful minerals such as iron, potassium, and phosphorus. With these beneficial vitamins and minerals , clove oil has been one of the natural oils used for health.


Benefits of Clove Oil


karanfil yağı faydaları
benefits of clove oil

Clove Oil for Oral Care; Oral and dental care carnation oil helps reduce the pain of tooth pain and helps to pass the mouth sores. Gingivitis , oral ulcer and throat swelling helps to relieve diseases such as clove oil is added to the daily oral care routine provides significant improvement for dental and oral care. To use clove oil in oral care; Mix 3 or 4 drops of clove oil with 1 cup of warm water and gargle. After mouthwashing, rinse the mouth again with warm water.


Clove Oil is Natural Antiseptic; With its antiseptic effect, clove oil is very effective in the transmission of insect bites, rashes, skin rashes and fungi. Clove oil, which prevents the formation of infection, helps to overcome these diseases in a short time.


Skin Care; The use of chemical products in skin care may cause some side effects for the skin. Natural and herbal products prevent extra chemicals from being taken care of on the skin. Clove oil; skin spots, acne and pimples, such as provides skin problems. Clove oil that nourishes acne and quickly nourishes skin cells. The use of clove oil for skin care is quite simple; 2 drops of clove oil is dropped on the pimple and waited. Clove oil acts on acne in a short time. You may also be interested in our article on natural skin care at home .


Clove Oil is Used in Perfumes; Fragrance extracts of plants are used in perfume making. One of these plants is clove oil. Clove oil used in perfume making is especially used to obtain spicy odors.


Hair Care; The most needed source of drying and weakening hair is moisture. Clove oil helps the hair gain the moisture it needs and moisturizes the hair. Clove oil, which nourishes hair ends and hair follicles, is good for hair loss. Clove oil that causes itching and skin loss in hair bottoms reduces hair loss.


Clove Oil for Insomnia; Clove oil, which has a stress-reducing effect, reduces distraction and is good for insomnia. Clove oil, which is an aromatic oil, provides a comfortable sleep for the person.


Relieves the Headache ; Clove oil, which has a pungent odor, is one of the natural treatment methods for relieving headaches. Cloves oil that provides relaxation of the headaches by allowing the relaxation of the nerves is mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt and is applied by massaging the temple area. we recommend.


Enables the Herpes of Lip to Pass; Herpes virus in the lip region and caused by herpes virus is a discomfort that creates a bad image and pain in the lip region. Cold sores are known for their late passage. However, clove oil passes cold sores in a short time with its antiseptic effect. Apply 2 drops of clove oil to herpes and wait at least 1 hour. If you want to see different alternatives in addition to clove oil, How is herpes is just for you.


Strengthens the Immunity; Although it is widely used externally, clove oil is also used in dishes in Indian and European cuisines. Clove oil used in salad dressings and beverages strengthens the immune system and provides resistance against diseases.


Removes the Nasal Congestion; Nasal obstruction results from infection by viruses, especially in cold weather. Clove oil is one of the natural treatment methods for opening the nose and throat area and removing the nasal congestion. Clove oil that provides clogged nostrils with its sharp smell removes nasal congestion in a short time. For this, it is sufficient to sniff the clove oil from the nose and remove its deep smell.


How to Use Clove Oil


karanfil yağı nasıl kullanılır
How to use clove oil

Clove oil is used externally . Its use in meals is not common. Clove oil used for skin, hair, hand and foot care is also used as massage oil in Far East countries.


The Damages of Clove Oil


Clove oil, which can cause side effects for allergic skin, can cause discomfort with its pungent odor. Among the damages of clove oil there is excessive use. Clove oil can affect the liver when it is used excessively and may prevent the liver from performing its function properly. Therefore, if you have any discomfort, first see your doctor about this discomfort. Do not use this type of vegetable oil without consulting your doctor. Described herein are the general benefits and harms of clove oil. However, it should be remembered that each patient and his disease is unique.



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