Cleaning of Industrial Wastes

Cleaning of Industrial Wastes

Industrial wastes have a very complex structure. A separate industry branch has been established for the treatment of industrial wastes.

Integrated Waste Management

Integrated waste management organizations aim to provide the most appropriate way to take their wastes with the companies they have agreed from the industrial zones.

Integrated Waste Management Facilities

Integrated waste management facilities enable the separation, recovery, recycling and disposal of incoming wastes in a very complex structure and, if they cannot achieve any last step. Many methods are applied in the disposal stage. These methods include wild storage and waste incineration.

Disposal of Industrial Wastes of Companies

Many industrial organizations are in trouble because of such wastes. The issue of waste disposal is very complex. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and related regulations. Not all waste can be disposed of by the same method. If each waste is stored together in the same way and cleaned in the same way, there are great criminal sanctions. For this reason, industrial organizations have to agree with licensed waste disposal companies and perform separate waste disposal according to waste types. This waste disposal should be calculated by the Ministry’s software program and calculated by the previous year’s waste amounts each year.
The ministry has very clear lines about unreported or misreported wastes. Errors are punished with very heavy fines.

Cleaning of industrial wastes is not only difficult but also very complex. An agreement with a consulting firm for the removal of such waste from the company is the most logical solution. It is the most appropriate solution for managing the correspondence and ensuring the disposal of the wastes as they have mastered the legal obligations.


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