Bitcoin price again exceeded 10 thousand dollars

Crypto money market started to rise again after the decline of last day.

Bitcoin, which fell below the dam of 10 thousand dollars yesterday and is at the level of 9 thousand 700 dollars, has climbed over 10 thousand dollars again as of the moment.

Bitcoin, which managed to stand up thanks to the support of 9,600 dollars, gained power from this support point and gained a good momentum and started to rise. With this momentum, Bitcoin managed to break the resistance at $ 9,800 and then $ 10,000.

Current Goal
The biggest obstacle to Bitcoin, which currently stands at $ 10,100, may be the $ 10,200 resistance point.

We can see that the price of Bitcoin immediately received support at the level of 10 thousand 080 dollars. This support can keep the price at 10 thousand 100 dollars.

If Bitcoin manages to gain strength from this support point and re-escalate, it could break the $ 10,200 resistance. After that point, Bitcoin will face a resistance point of 10 thousand 400 dollars. If we are optimistic and assume that Bitcoin will exceed 10 thousand 400 dollars, we can say that the next target is 10 thousand 800 dollars.

Does the Decline Come?
If the Bitcoin price cannot break the resistance of $ 10,200, and if a new sales process starts in the market, we can see that the price is falling again.

In this case, Bitcoin can first fall below $ 10,000, then below $ 10,000.


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