Benefits of Violet Oil, How to Use Violet Oil

menekşe yağının faydaları, menekşe yağı nasıl kullanılır
The benefits of violet oil, how to use the violet oil

What is the Violet Oil


Violet is one of the indispensable plants of the house with its scent , not only because of the pleasant smell it gives to homes, but also by the cold press method violet oil provides many benefits for external use. Violet oil; Although it is not known much, such as oils such as almond oil or argan oil, its useful ingredients and pleasant scent have become one of the increasing frequency of use. Violet oil is sold in herbal and organic oil selling care centers. In addition, when used regularly on the internet, organic oil provides a natural repair in skin, hair, hand and foot care.


How to obtain the violet oil


The cold press method is used to obtain violet oil . While obtaining the violet oil, it is added in some oils to catch the oil formula. The added violet oil, which has its own oil form with the added oils, is used externally and provides natural care with its aromatic violet scent. Obtaining violet oil is very laborious. Natural violet oil is sold slightly more than other oils.


The Benefits of Violet Oil


menekşe yağının faydaları
The benefits of violet oil

are natural moisturizers; Violet oil contains natural moisture extracts to give the skin the moisture it needs and prevents the skin from drying out. Violet oil that moisturizes the skin is easily absorbed by the skin and provides intense hydration. Violet oil helps the skin look more vivid and shiny when used regularly to prevent skin from drying out.


Against Eczema ; Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions. Violet oil, which helps reduce bacteria in the skin, relieves skin redness and reduces the effects of eczema. Regularly used violet oil helps to relieve eczema.


Good for Acne and Acne; Inflammatory acne is one of the most common skin problems. Although various cosmetic products are used to pass acne and acne, violet oil, one of the healing oils offered by nature, helps to pass acne and acne. Violet oil allows skin to breathe and cleanse pores. When used regularly, the violet oil which helps to open the pores passes acne and acne marks.


Reduces the appearance of veins in the skin; The presence of veins on the skin, especially the presence of capillaries, creates a non-aesthetic appearance. Violet oil is applied to the area where the vessels appear more dense, helps to accelerate blood circulation and reduces vascular appearance.


Improves Hair Roots; Violet oil is good for hair follicles with its components. Violet oil, one of the best oils for hair, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. Strengthening the hair follicles reduces hair loss. Violet oil is an oil that is good for breakage and wear on hair ends. Violet oil, which is good for root to hair, needs to be used regularly to show its effect.


Good for swelling ; Violet oil is one of the natural care oils in order to reduce the swelling and swelling caused by slight impacts and injuries. Applying a few drops of violet oil to the slightly impacted area alleviates the pain and helps the swelling to pass quickly.


Enables Acceleration of Blood Circulation ; Violet oil provides refreshing effect in the region where it is applied and accelerates blood circulation. Violet oil, which helps skin cells to work better, is also good for the effects of blood circulation disorder.


Reduces the pain; Violet oil, which provides the relief of muscle pain caused by post-sports pain or injury, provides relief and relief in a short time when applied to pain area. Violet oil with natural pain relief effect is enough to apply a few drops on the painful area.


How to use the violet oil


Violet oil is used externally for skin care. In order to use violet oil , it can be applied directly to the skin and applied with the help of cotton. It is recommended to dilute violet oil with water to use for hand and foot massage. For example, a few drops of violet oil are added to a container of water to remove odor and pain in the feet and the feet are kept for 20 minutes.


The Damages of the Violet Oil


The benefits of violet oil, which usually stands out with its benefits, are manifested in allergic bodies. May cause reaction on sensitive skin. It is recommended that people with sensitive skin should try a small area before using violet oil. Before using violet oil, it should be natural. Fake violet oil should not be used. Violet oil should not be applied to the open wound area.



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