Benefits of Senna Tea

sinameki çayı faydaları
benefits of cassia tea

More than 400 species of plants from the family of the family of the cassia . It is known for its laxative effect and edema excretion from the body. The benefits of cassia tea are not limited to edema, but hair and skin care, digestive system regulation and immune system strengthening benefits use of cassia tea dates back to very early years.


Due to its laxative effect, the cassia plant, which is also used as an active ingredient in some medicines, is a tropical plant. The cassia plant, which grows in regions such as India, Pakistan and Sudan, is also grown in South Asian countries.


Senna containing useful components; Contains antioxidant and amino acid. It acts as a natural laxative of cassia , which contains components called mucilage and flavonoids . Therefore, the use of cassia tea , which has to be taken into consideration, has many benefits for human health.


What are the benefits of cassia tea


sinameki çayı faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of senna tea

Edema Atar, Cleans the Body ; Senna tea in the body over time and edema and toxins are removed from the body. The body can collect payment for reasons such as salt consumption, travels, meals and stress. Edema makes the person feel more swollen and tense. Water is the most useful beverage to remove edema from the body. In addition to drinking water, cassia tea is one of the most useful teas for the edema. 1 cup of cassia tea per day to remove edema and toxins from the body.


What is the cause of edema, how is it excreted


Constipation ; It is also used as an active ingredient in some drugs which have natural laxative effect. The cassia tea, which contains the laxative component, improves the digestive system and relieves constipation and reduces the risk of constipation.


Digestive System; Senna tea, one of the herbal teas that supports the digestive system and makes it work better, helps alleviate gastric gas. The better the digestive system, the more intestinal activity affects the death and helps reduce the complaints of gas, bloating and constipation.


Protects from Infections; Anti-bacterial cassia tea provides good work in the intestines, fights harmful bacteria in the intestine, the body’s immune system is laughing, protects the body against infections caused by bacteria and viruses.


Urinary Tracts; One of the benefits of cassia tea reduces the risk of infection in the urinary tract.


Hair Care ; Senna grass is one of the most natural aids for hair care by nourishing the hair follicles . To make hair care from cassia, it is enough to prepare cassia cure.


Senna cure; 1 pinch of cassia, water 1 teaspoon almond oil, bemix bulb, cassia is boiled in a little water and boiled cassia water is added to the almond oil and bemix bulb. Then all the materials are mixed. The resulting mixture is applied by massaging the hair follicles. After the mixture is applied, the hair is wrapped with a towel and waited for half an hour and rinsed with clean water. Senna cure prevents hair breakage and loss, provides growth. Helps revitalize and strengthen lifeless and fine hair


Skin Care; Senna tea contains essential oils and components, thanks to skin inflammation and skin irritation is good. A pinch of cassia is taken and crushed until it reaches the consistency of paste. Paste consistency of cassia is applied to the irritated area on the skin.


What are the benefits of Hibiskus tea weakens


Will the Senna weaken the tea


sinameki çayı zayıflatır mı
senna tea weakens

Senna tea weakens question is one of the most frequently asked questions to lose weight. Senna tea is one of the useful herbal teas for dieters and those who want slimming.


Senna tea, a herbal tea that helps to lose weight, helps to reduce constipation by regulating the digestive system. Constipation and reduced stomach bloating help to weaken.


Another positive effect of cassia tea weakening is the edema from the body. There is excess water in the body that holds the edema. Excess water in the body causes bloating and excess weight on the scale. One of the best herbs to eliminate edema in the body, cassia grass helps to remove edema from the body and helps to remove harmful toxins from the urine. Excess edema has a positive effect on weight loss through the removal of the body.


Appetite Cuts ; Drinking 1 cup of cassia tea per day helps to reduce appetite. Prevents excessive eating. Consumed cassia tea regularly with appetite-reducing effect helps to weaken the person.


Ginger weakens the ginger of the lemon tea


How to prepare the cassia tea


It should be used regularly to see the benefits of cassia tea . When brewing cassia tea, which is a natural laxative, the amount should be considered. Excessive drinking may cause serious health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain. It is very easy to prepare cassia tea. A pinch of cassia herb is added into 1 cup of boiled water and allowed to infuse for 3-5 minutes. You can drink brewed cassia tea while it is warm.


The Losses of the Senna Tea

 As cassia tea is a natural laxative, it can accelerate intestinal activities and cause intestinal disorders as a result of excessive consumption. The point to be considered before drinking cassia tea; used drugs. Some medications may interact with cassia tea and muscle disorders can cause heart disease and abdominal cramps.
 It is not recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers drink cassia tea . Effective components can be passed on to the baby through breast milk and may cause a low risk of senna tea in pregnant women.


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