Benefits of Carrot Oil, How to Use Carrot Oil

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benefits of carrot oil, how to use

What is Carrot Oil

Carrot oil, which is one of the most useful vegetables carrot oil is one of the most useful vitamins and minerals and especially oils that provide many benefits for skin care. Carrot oil has a wide range of uses and is an oil that can be used alone or can be used with different oils. Carrot oil made from carrot extract contains vitamins that are beneficial for health. Carrot oil containing vitamins A, B1, B16 is used in many areas of care from hair care to skin care. Carrot oil obtained by water vapor distillation of the dried seeds of carrots is particularly effective for protection from dry skin and sunlight. Carrot oil is sold in organic grocery stores or herbal products. When buying carrot oil the point to be considered is that the carrot oil is organic and does not contain chemical additives.


The Benefits of Carrot Oil


is a Skin Health Protector; Carrot oil from carrot extract is one of the most natural skin care products. Carrot oil is used as a skin mask, and carrot oil, which gives the skin the moisture it needs, shows protection on the skin with its regenerative effect. As it provides the skin with the moisture it needs, it prepares the ground for a more vivid and smooth skin.


Provides protection on leather surface; Since carrot oil is a natural moisturizer, it provides protection against skin dryness and cracking. The moisture-free skin cures and hardens after a while. The skin should not remain dry to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Thanks to the moisture extracts it contains, carrot oil has a protective effect on the skin and protects the skin. Carrot oil protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays (UV). It fights against the effects of aging with its anti-aging effect.


Strengthens the Hair; Beta carotene and vitamin E in carrot oil make hair strands and hair bottoms healthier. Regular use of carrot oil in the hair makes hair bottoms healthier and also makes the hair strands stronger and thicker.


Good for Eye Health; One of the best vitamins for eye health is vitamin A. Vitamin A in carrot oil protects and maintains eyes and around the eyes. Sensitivity to light, eye fatigue and night blindness, such as reduces the discomfort. Carrot oil, which helps reduce eyelids fatigue and dryness, is very useful in the treatment of wrinkles formed around the edges of the eyes.


Carrot Oil is a Natural Bronzer; Protects skin against harmful sun rays with beta carotene in carrot oil. It also facilitates tanning on the skin with the enzymes it contains. It is mixed with cocoa butter, walnut oil and almond oil to increase the bronzing effect of carrot oil.


Good for the respiratory tract; Carrot oil is effective in the transmission of upper respiratory infections of the ear, nose and throat. It is seen frequently during the season passes; carrot oil, which helps to overcome upper respiratory tract disorders such as colds and colds, also helps to reduce the redness and irritation on the skin in a short time.


Other Benefits of Carrot Oil;


  • Carrot oil strengthens the immune system.

  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system.

  • Provides relief of muscle pain.

  • Good for gout.

  • It is diuretic.

  • The menstrual regulator.

  • Saffron affected by liver diseases to work more regularly.

  • Causes uncomfortable situations such as hiccups.

  • Joint pain is good. It has a positive effect on rheumatism.

How to Use the Carrot Oil


There are different methods of application of carrot oil . Sometimes used alone or sometimes mixed with different oils. Carrot oil may not be absorbed when it is applied to the skin alone due to its structure, therefore it can be mixed and applied with different oils when using.


Using Carrot Oil in the Skin ; Carrot oil is applied externally to the skin. If you wish, it can be spread by dripping onto the skin or a few drops are poured onto the cotton. While applying carrot oil to the skin, it can be applied by mixing with different oils to increase its effect. For example; Almond oil and carrot oil are applied to the skin when mixed with moisture-giving effect will increase.


In addition to skin care, another application using carrot oil is for hair. Carrot oil used in hair care makes hair more vivid and shiny.


Using Carrot Oil in Hair Care; If you have dry and lifeless hair strands, add 4 or 5 drops of carrot oil to the shampoo we use and wash your hair. With regular use, you will notice that the hair is more vibrant and strong.


One of the methods of carrot oil for hair care is for oily hair. 1 medium carrot grated after adding half a cup of tea on olive oil and mixed. Then the mixture is heated at low heat and 1 teaspoon of cream is added. The mixture is applied to the hair by massaging the bottom and wait 30 minutes. The hair is then rinsed with warm water. Then it can be washed with shampoo. This procedure is done regularly once a week will notice a significant improvement in hair.


The Damages of Carrot Oil


Carrot oil can cause some damage to allergic bodies or excessive use. May cause skin rashes and redness on sensitive skin.


Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not recommended to consume carrot oil.


Asthma and epilepsy patients should not use carrot oil.



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