Avocado Skin, Hair Benefits Avocado Mask

avokadonun cilde, saça faydaları
benefits of avocado to the skin, hair

Avocado is a nutrient with rich antioxidants and amino acids in its content, which provides significant benefits to the skin and hair. . This mysterious fruit, which has become more popular in recent years, is used by people in many areas, especially in the field of care. What is avocado? What is avocado? avocado benefits to the skin, avocado skin mask recipe, avocado hair benefits, avocado hair mask recipe we have researched topics such as. We also recommend that you read a few of us which is good for our hair and skin.


What is Avocado


avokado nedir
What is avocado

In recent years, the name of a foreign to us and we do not know much about a fruit avocado. However, in recent years, as the sales of grocery stores and grocery stalls become more widespread, detailed researches have been started on the benefits of fruit. Let’s get to know the fruit better first and what is Avocado ? Let’s find the answer to the question. Avocado; A, E, K, C, B6 rich in vitamins, fiber, folic acid, iron, magnesium, copper and potassium is a tropical fruit source. Its shell is green and the seeds are white with large seeds. To fully understand its flavor, it is necessary to wait for it to mature. Avocado fruit, native to Mexico, also grows on Guetamala and the northern coast of South America. Avocado also contains saturated and unsaturated fats, which are particularly nourishing for skin and hair. General benefits of avocado ;


  • Constipation is good for.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • It is cardiovascular friendly.

  • Eliminates the signs of old age.

  • The body expels toxin substances.

  • In particular, children and pregnant women play a very important role for balanced nutrition.

The Benefits of Avocado to the Skin


avokadonun cilde faydaları
benefits of avocado to the skin

Avocado nourishes and cares for the skin. Restores skin’s lost moisture It is a fruit that can be applied easily for all skin types. You can see the benefits of avocado on the skin more clearly by regularly consuming avocados, preparing various masks with avocado oil or fruit puree . After regular use, avocado provides softness and shine to the skin. You can reach our article about this topic by clicking on the link easy and natural skin care at home.


Description of the Avocado Skin Mask


avokado cilt maskesi tarifi
avocado skin mask recipe

Avocado skin mask you can make care of your skin in natural ways. That’s why we share with you the recipe of the avocado skin mask . Please note that skin sensitization and allergic skin disorders, please do not use any product without consulting your doctor.


Recipe for avocado mask that nourishes the skin : Crush the ripe half of the ripe avocado with a fork. Add 1 teaspoon of natural honey and continue stirring. Apply this mixture to your face and neck and wait for 25 – 30 minutes. Then rinse gently with warm water. You can apply this mask twice a week.


Skin care avocado mask recipe : Crush the inside of a mature avocado with a fork. Add 2 teaspoons of almond oil. Rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.


Avocado mask moisturizing hands : Add a spoonful of honey into the ripe avocado. Spread the porridge on your hands and leave for 20 – 30 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. You can also rub your hands with avocado oil before going to bed. This mask will be applied 2-3 times a week to provide the moisture needed by your hands and even contribute to the recovery of sagging skin.


Avocado mask which is good for acne and acne : Crush the ripe half avocado with a fork and make mush. Add the lemon juice and 2 vitamin E capsules and mix. Apply the mixture to the affected area with acne, pimples or blemishes and wait until it dries. Rinse with warm water. You can apply this mask 3 times a week.


Avocado mask for cracked heels : Soak your foot in hot water for 15 minutes. Then rub with pumice stone to remove dead skin. After washing and rinsing your feet, rub the ripe and crushed avocado on your heels. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse. Thanks to this recipe suitable for daily care, the cracks in your heels will heal in a short time.


The Benefits of Avocado to the Hair


avokadonun saça faydaları
avocado benefits to hair

Many benefits to human health avocado has significant benefits to hair . Naturally treated with avocado, especially for dried and over-treated hair. It is recommended to use the avocado mask for hair beauty and hair repair regularly. Avocado cares for hair follicles, strengthens hair strands and nourishes hair strands to help it grow faster. In addition, What are the products used in hair care we recommend that you read our article.


Description of the Avocado Hair Mask


avokado saç maskesi tarifi
avocado hair mask recipe

With the Avocado hair mask recipe you can make a real care of your hair. For the most effective results it is recommended to apply the mixture according to the recipe regularly.


Caring avocado hair mask : Crush the inside of a mature avocado until it is smooth and smooth. Add 1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil into the avocado that comes to consistency. Apply moist and clean hair all over the roots. Wait 35 – 40 minutes by wearing a hair cap. Then wash with normal shampoo and rinse. You can apply Avocado hair mask twice a week.


Hair extension avocado hair mask : 1 crushed avocado into 1 egg, 1 tablespoon jojoba oil and 1 tablespoon of yogurt, add. Apply the mixture to damp hair and wear a bonnet for 1 hour. Then wash and rinse your hair normally. You can apply the avocado mask twice a week to your hair.



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