Are there aliens?

Drake Equation

Extraterrestrial creatures became very popular in the early twentieth century, after H. G. Wells’ famous novel was read as a true news on a radio show in the United States. The Americans had suffered widespread panic.

Almost most of the theories about alien existence are at the level of conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, there are several scientific studies on this subject. At the beginning of these is the Drake Equation, which is also very famous. This equation was designed as an idea for the identification of intelligent creatures that might exist in the universe.

The equation is as follows:

N Number of intelligent civilizations in the universe
R * Formation of new stars in galaxy
f (p) The ratio of these stars to the planets
n (e) Life support average of these planets
f (l) The emergence of life on these planets
f (i) Probability of intelligent life on planets where life occurs
f (c) The rate at which these intelligent organisms can transmit signals into space
L The time since intelligent organisms send a signal to space for communication

Fermi Paradox

In recent calculations, even when minimum values ​​are used, there is the possibility of a planet that allows five million intelligent lives. Ten thousand of this can only be in the Milky Way Galaxy. But why, despite these high possibilities, have we not yet been able to make contact with these intelligent creatures? There are many answers to this question. The most important of these is the Fermi Paradox. In short, this paradox is insufficient evidence of intelligent living forms in space despite the high probability.

The physicist Enrico Fermi ties this paradox to a question like, nerede Where is everyone? Biri One answer is that life on planet Earth is either too early, in which case the mind lives on other planets are yet to emerge, or in this case too late. The meaning of intelligent civilizations has already disappeared.


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