9 ways to strengthen your memory

In recent years, it is said that not only elderly people but also young people frequently suffer from memory loss. 1 There is no doubt that smartphones have a finger on it. 2 Since it is not possible to completely remove phones from our lives, we can try ways to strengthen our memory.

Eat well

Nutritious and balanced nutrition is essential for the proper functioning of your brain and of course all your organs. Especially vitamin B12 is defined as a vital vitamin for memory. 3 If you feel that you are not eating a balanced diet, you can be sure to take the vitamins you need for your brain health by taking multivitamin supplements. 4 You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for this.

Reduce sugar

Sugar, as well as inviting to many chronic diseases, as well as brain functions are adversely affected. So if you want to strengthen your memory, you should look at ways to reduce sugar in your life. 5

Use fish oil

Fish oil has many benefits from beautifying the skin, reducing inflammation in the body, strengthening bone density, and increasing brain power. The effect of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in fish oil on memory enhancement has been proven by scientific experiments. 6 Therefore, whether you eat plenty of fish, take it as a pill, do not skimp on consuming fish oil.


The benefits of exercising do not stop counting. Memory is one of them. Research, even a 15-minute exercise opens the mind of people of all ages, attention and memory strengthening effect, he says.

Maintain your ideal weight

It is now known that weight gain causes many chronic diseases. But you may not have heard that excess weight makes memory worse. 8 Here’s another reason to keep your ideal weight size

Get enough sleep

Sleep is a vital issue for memory. In other words, the way to a sharp memory is quality and sufficiently sleep. Adults are recommended to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Keep track of your vitamin D level

A five-year study with 318 older people revealed a faster decline in mental function in those with low vitamin D levels. 10 For a strong memory beside your bone health, make sure to take advantage of the sun and supplement it if needed.

Do activities that will activate your brain

Solve puzzles, learn languages, play instruments, etc. There are many studies that suggest that any mental activity that makes your brain active keeps memory strong and slows down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. No matter how old you are, don’t get away from reading and producing.

Take time for meditation

Research shows that meditation enhances memory. Just spend a few minutes a day to relax and purify your mind. 

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