3 Basic Factors for Healthy Life versus City Life

We all know, we see: City life has negative effects on human beings, it leads to one or more diseases doktor Many of them benefit from the work and opinions of doctors and other scientists. But after a while they come in and out of one ear and become unobtrusive. We summarized the answers to the question of how to make a roundup, find out what chaos and concrete-filled city life does to us and our health, and how we can protect our health as citizens.

Air pollution

There are a lot of foreign substances that have been added to the atmosphere later this winter, causing many health problems due to the deterioration of the weather in the cities. Polluted air can cause respiratory distortion, increased respiratory and heart disease, and even cancer.The easiest and most efficient way to get away from air pollution is to create opportunities and meet more with nature in or near the city if there are large protected areas. The most meaningful form of this getaway is to do sports. Whether walking or cycling yanında Besides the fresh air, getting rid of excess weight and getting away from stress is another plus…

The electromagnetics

It is a bitter fact that electronic devices that infiltrate almost every moment of our lives create a distinct electromagnetic pollution. This pollution can cause many health problems such as allergies, insomnia, fatigue and headaches. For example; There are many studies showing that cell phone use is effective in brain activity.As the nervous system and brain development continue in children, they are at greater risk than adults. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO), children under the age of 16 should not use mobile phones, if they are obliged to use more than 10 minutes per day warns.


The way to remove the toxins imposed by the city life on our body is first through a healthy and balanced diet. Consuming more natural foods with detox effect, sugar and harmful fat consumption as far as possible should be your priority.The negative effects of the city unconsciously weaken our immune system and lead to diseases. In keeping with our age and health status, we will serve as a protection shield to be aware of vaccines and strengthen the immune system.

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